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Francois Trahan

Leading investment strategist, Francois Trahan takes on the naysayers and explains why he expects stocks to reach new highs in the coming months.

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Bob Doll

An influential strategist and money manager who believes investor pessimism towards stocks is way over done. BlackRock consultant Bob Doll explains why, after the worst decade since the 1930’s, stocks will be the best investment of the next decade.

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David Rosenberg

The "Financial Thought Leader" who has gotten it right throughout the financial crisis and beyond. What does David Rosenberg, Gluskin Sheff's Chief Economist and Strategist see in the future now? And why, after years of pessimism, does he believe "the future is brighter than you think?"

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Amy O'Brien & Ingrid Dyott

Part two of our series on impact investing, making money while doing good. Two investment pros, Neuberger Berman Portfolio Manager, Ingrid Dyott, and TIAA-CREF's Amy O'Brien share their strategies to match financial goals with values.

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How to make a difference with your investments. Part one of our series on impact investing explores what it is and why it’s gone global with Portfolio Manager Mary Jane McQuillen from ClearBridge Advisors and environmental and energy analyst Bill Paul.

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