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WealthTrack believes that the key to successful long-term investing is diversification and intelligent asset allocation. Our goal is to help viewers build and protect their wealth and all of the investments they care about: financial, real estate, art, and collectibles.
Charles Ellis & Mark Cortazzo (R)

Financial legend Charles Ellis joins innovative financial planner Mark Cortazzo to explain why investment fees are much higher and more harmful than you think, and how you can fight back. Originally Broadcast August 10, 2012.

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David Rolley & Rupal Bhansali

Where should you invest? Global bond manager, David Rolley from Loomis Sayles and global stock investor, Rupal Bhansali from Ariel Investments discuss finding the best opportunities.

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Robert Amodeo & Christine Benz

The tax man cometh and he will be collecting more from investors next year. How can you minimize the pain? Western Asset Management’s top municipal bond investor, Robert Amodeo and Morningstar’s personal finance guru Christine Benz, have some answers. WealthTrack Episode #925.  Originally broadcast on December 14, 2012.

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Michael Mauboussin

Financial Thought Leader Michael Mauboussin explains the important roles luck and skill play in investment success and how to harness both to your advantage.

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Amy O’Brien & Ingrid Dyott

Part two of our series on “impact investing,” making money while doing good. Two investment pros, Neuberger Berman Portfolio Manager, Ingrid Dyott and TIAA-CREF’s Amy O’Brien share their strategies to match financial goals with values. Originally Broadcast on 7/6/12

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Mary Jane McQuillen & Bill Paul

How to make a difference with your investments. Part one of our series on “impact investing” explores what it is and why it’s gone global with Portfolio Manager Mary Jane McQuillen from ClearBridge Advisors and environmental and energy analyst Bill Paul.

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An interview with one of the investment greats! John C. Bogle, Vanguard founder, index fund creator, and tireless advocate for the little guy discusses how investors can succeed despite Wall Street’s problems.

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Tom Gallagher

Post-election, a television exclusive with Wall Street’s long time number one ranked Washington analyst. The Scowcroft Group’s Tom Gallagher discusses what the election means for the economy and markets and how it affects your job, taxes and portfolio. #920, Original Broadcast 11-09-12

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Andy Laperriere & Jeff Applegate

What's at stake in next week's Presidential election? Top ranked Washington analyst Andy Laperriere of ISI Group and Chief Investment Officer Jeff Applegate of Morgan Stanley will tell us why the race is so close and how the results could impact the markets and economy.

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David Nadel & Andrew Foster

The focus is on international investing with David Nadel, Portfolio Manager and Director of International Research at the Royce Funds and Andrew Foster, Founder of Seafarer Capital Partners.  Tune in to find out how these global investors are finding the best value, growth and income overseas by investing in emerging markets and smaller company stocks. 

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