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Robert Shiller

Financial Thought Leader and Yale economist Robert Shiller. He predicted the bursting of the tech and housing bubbles. What does this visionary behavioral economist, author and market innovator see in our future now?

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Tom Russo & David Nadel

Two money managers finding value in two different stock classes. Both have beaten the markets, with less than market risk over the long term.  Noted value investor Tom Russo focuses on strong global brand name companies, while Royce and Associates David Nadel specializes in international small company stocks including gold mining shares.

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James Grant

Financial Thought Leader James Grant explains why he believes the Federal Reserve’s easy money policies will wreak havoc on the economy and markets. The dangers of inflation creep and how to protect yourself against it are the focus of this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack. (Repeat)

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Lubos Pastor

A financial thought leader who is challenging a bedrock principle of investing. Award-winning University of Chicago finance professor, Lubos Pastor explains why stocks are not necessarily best for the long run.

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