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Michael Hasenstab

Great Investor Michael Hasenstab, Morningstar’s 2010 Fixed-Income Manager of the Year. Although only 37 years old, Hasenstab has shepherded the Templeton Global Bond Fund through ten years of market and competition beating performance. Consuelo asks Hasenstab why he is avoiding the U.S. and focusing on emerging market currencies and debt.

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Charles Lahr - Jason Trennert

Why stocks with a global reach are the investment choice for two top investment pros. Consuelo sits down with five star  portfolio manager, Chuck Lahr of PIMCO’s Pathfinder fund, and Jason Trennert, highly rated Chief Investment Strategist of independent research firm, Strategas.

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James Grant

Financial Thought Leader James Grant explains why he believes the Federal Reserve's easy money policies will wreak havoc on the economy and markets. The dangers of inflation creep and how to protect yourself against it are the focus of this week’s Consuelo Mack WealthTrack. 

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Marilyn Cohen

Bond manager Marilyn Cohen says it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when the bond market implodes. She discusses steps to take now to survive the bond bear market. 

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Robert Kleinschmidt - Jeffrey Applegate

A television exclusive with Tocqueville Fund’s contrarian money manager Robert Kleinschmidt and Morgan Stanley Smith Barney’s Chief Investment Officer Jeff Applegate, and their surprising views of the opportunities and risk in global stock markets.

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