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WealthTrack believes that the key to successful long-term investing is diversification and intelligent asset allocation. Our goal is to help viewers build and protect their wealth and all of the investments they care about: financial, real estate, art, and collectibles.
How effective has the Federal Reserve been in heading off a financial and economic crisis? What’s left in its arsenal? We'll ask NYU economist Mark Gertler, a close friend and collaborator of Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke. What role have the regulators played and what can investors do to protect their assets? We'll consult successful hedge fund manager David Einhorn, CEO of Greenlight Capital and Peter Stamos, CEO of Sterling, Stamos Capital Management, a private investment firm that follows the endowment model pioneered by Yale and Harvard.
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Whether it's the White House, Congress or the Federal Reserve, Washington is aggressively responding to the housing and credit crises. Top ranked Washington analyst Tom Gallagher of ISI Group explains the significant business and market impact. Morningstar's Practical Finance newsletter editor Christine Benz has some practical advice for investors and Real Estate Investment Trust expert Martin Cohen, co-CEO of Cohen & Steers updates us on the state of global real estate.
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WealthTrack scans the globe for investment opportunities with OppenheimerFunds' Global Fund manager Rajeev Bhaman. He'll be joined by one of the deans of value investing, David Dreman and insurance expert Kim Lankford of Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine.
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An all-star cast will join host Consuelo Mack including a television exclusive with Wall Street's number one economist Ed Hyman of ISI Group, fundamental indexing guru Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates and former Undersecretary of the Treasury Peter Fisher, now BlackRock’s co-head of fixed income and Chairman of BlackRock Asia.
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