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WealthTrack believes that the key to successful long-term investing is diversification and intelligent asset allocation. Our goal is to help viewers build and protect their wealth and all of the investments they care about: financial, real estate, art, and collectibles.


In this WEALTHTRACK exclusive, veteran international economist and strategist Nick Sargen joins us to examine the significance and impact of the most recent quantitative easing announcement by the European Central Bank and the cumulative effect of the more than 500 easing moves by central banks over the last three years. Sargen is the Chief Economist and Senior Investment Advisor at Fort Washington Investment Advisors, the asset management arm ofWestern & Southern Financial Group, which has close to $50 billion under management.     

The good news is that Americans are living longer and spending more years in retirement than ever before. However, funding retirement is a fast approaching crisis. On this week’s WEALTHTRACK we have an exclusive interview with Financial Thought Leader and legendary investment consultant, Charles Ellis, who tackles America’s greatest domestic financial challenge in a new book, “Falling Short: The Coming Retirement Crisis and What To Do About It”.


WEALTHTRACK #1131, Broadcast on January 23, 2015

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Part II of our exclusive annual outlook with Wall Street's legendary number one economist, Evercore ISI's Ed Hyman. This year he is joined by another WEALTHTRACK exclusive, New York Life’s Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, John Kim. They will discuss the striking differences between the U.S. economy since the financial crisis and the slow, uneven rebound in the rest of the world and what they mean for global economies and markets.


WEALTHTRACK#1130, Original broadcast on Jan 16, 2014

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We continue WEALTHTRACK’s annual tradition of discussing the outlook for the economy, business, policy and markets with Evercore ISI’s Chairman, Ed Hyman, Wall Street’s reigning number one economist for an unprecedented 35 years running. Hyman will be joined by another exclusive guest, New York Life’s Vice Chairman and Chief Investment Officer, John Kim who oversees over $500 billion in assets at the life insurer, one of the oldest and largest in the world.
In this first of a two part series, Hyman and Kim will focus on the outlook for the U.S. economy and markets.


WEALTHTRACK #1129, Broadcast on January 09, 2015

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Who got the economy and markets right in 2014? We introduce the economist, strategist and portfolio managers who hit home runs on WEALTHTRACK this year. 

WEALTHTRACK #1127, Originaly Broadcast on December 26, 2014

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We’ll discuss volatility and opportunity in three major emerging markets. Despite the recent sell off in Russia, other oil exporting countries and emerging markets in general, the standard investment view has been that three of the BRICs – China, India and Brazil – are just too big and consequential to be ignored. This week’s guests concur. Kenneth Lowe, Portfolio Manager of the Matthews Asia Focus fund and the Matthews Asian Growth and Income fund, and David Nadel, Director of International Research for Royce & Associates and Portfolio Manager of several funds, including the Royce International Smaller-Companies fund, will discuss the opportunities they are seeing in Brazil, China and India.


WEALTHTRACK 1126; Broadcast on December 19, 2014

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A next generation “Great Investor,” First Eagle Global Fund’s Matthew McLennan. First Eagle is known for its value-oriented, margin of safety approach and making preservation of capital its first investment goal. McLennan assumed the role of Portfolio Manager of the First Eagle Global Fund in late 2008 from investment legend, Jean-Marie Eveillard. The now $50 billion plus fund is rated four-star by Morningstar. Over the last five years, with McLennan on board, it is ranked in the top ten percent of its world allocation category. McLennan explains why he is currently finding markets around the world expensive, and why “patience” is his best investment idea.


WEALTHTRACK #1125, Broadcast December 11, 2014

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The Wall Street Journal’s must read personal finance columnist, Jonathan Clements has distilled twenty-five years of experience into one, soon to be published e-book and hard cover. His Jonathan Clements Money Guide 2015 will be finished and ready to go at the stroke of midnight on December 31st.  There is much to celebrate.


WEALTHTRACK #1124, Released on December 05, 2014

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It isn’t often that a very successful hedge fund manager with a winning strategy closes up shop, but that is exactly what this week’s Great Investor guest did in 1995. It’s equally unusual to get back in the business more than a decade later with a dramatically altered strategy. Joel Greenblatt of the Gotham Funds will explain his big change in portfolio strategy, from a very concentrated approach to broad diversification.


WEALTHTRACK #1121. November 14, 2014

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Tocqueville Fund's Robert Kleinschmidt prides himself on being an independent thinker. In his exclusive interview with WEALTHTRACK he does not disappoint. While the rest of Wall Street has been expecting the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates he says they won't, and while most investors run from troubled stocks he finds gems among them. His deep value approach has generally worked. Under his stewardship, the 4-star rated Tocqueville Fund has delivered market and category beating returns. 


WEALTHTRACK #1120. November 07, 2014

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